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Autumn in full force

Do you like avocados? I definitely do but there is this one thing with avocados that is a bit difficult; the small window of time when the avocado is actually ready for eating. Too hard or too mushy seem to be the default states with a brief moment of green bliss in between. For me, autumn is similar. There is a brief period when the colors of autumn are in full display, when the leaves are still mostly on the trees, and when there are still a few sunny days. Ignore the sustained periods of wind, rain and grey skies for a moment, this post is about the 'avocado-moment' of autumn.

I had the chance to leave the Netherlands for a few weeks and head to Germany. We don't have many forests on the west side of my country, so I was quite happy to be able to see the autumn color display in the forests along the German alps. Below are a few photos I made of this great time of the year.

[Photos shot with either Nikon DF + 58mm F1.4, Ricoh GRIII, or Sony RX1R MkII]


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