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Snow & Ice

Oceanic. That is the climate classification for the Netherlands (Köppen climate classification Cfb). And that means we have very moderate winters with hardly any snow and ice. Despite the Dutch being known for their love of ice-skating, it does not happen all that often that conditions allow it to be possible in the great outdoors. Maybe that is why we are so fond of it.

Sony A7C - Sony 16-35mm F2.8

We hit the jackpot this winter. It started with a good layer of snow, and contrary to normal, this time it was cold enough for the snow to stay. The low temperatures have also resulted in many waterways being frozen. Perhaps fueled even more by lockdown escapism, this means every person in the Netherlands has been digging up their ice-skates and enjoying the scenery while gliding over a thick layer of frozen water.

Sony A7RII - Sony 24mm F1.4

A knee surgery prevented me from joining in, but I am happy I did manage to take a few photos.


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