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Tuscan doorknockers

One of the most enjoyable things about having developed somewhat of a photographer's eye is that you start to notice things around you. This summer, I spent time in different towns and villages in Tuscany, and I saw the specific style of front doors. The doors seemed to want to express something through the richness of the wood decorations and, more importantly, through the door knocker. Perhaps this was done as a display of wealth or a reference to the family's history that built the house.

Elaborate woodwork and impressive handle [Leica Q]

All shots here are taken with the Leica Q which was perfect for getting a close and wide view of the door handles. I captured as many different styles as possible and found it an exciting exercise while walking through many places. It gave me a different way to wander through a town which was enjoyable.

My personal favorite is this angry elf-like figure:

You are welcome to come in, but don't stay too long [Leica Q]

Here is a gallery of what I found, enjoy!


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