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Unboxing the anOrdain Model 1 watch - a photoshoot

Scotland has a special place in my heart. I have warm memories of this beautiful land, even though both my travels there were in January. The scenery is more than stunning and the people are warm and friendly. We also had surprisingly good food, and we were able to visit a few of the many beautiful and hospitable whisky distilleries. When I read about a small watchmaking company from Glasgow that worked with enamel as the material for their watch dials, I was intrigued. I started to read up on their approach and the principles behind their watchmaking process. A simple watch with an automatic movement that was designed to bring the material and the skill of their craftsmen & women front and center. The more I read, the more I liked the watch and the company, and so I decided to buy the anOrdain Model 1 in Post Office Red. Today was the day I received the watch and I decided to capture the occasion. I don't have any experience shooting 'products' but I thought it would be fun to do a quick 'unboxing' photoshoot.

Glorious Post Office Red on the AnOrdain Model 1 [Sony RX1R II]

The real star of this watch is the dial. The enamel used brings a depth to the red that is very hard to capture on camera. The material reflects light in interesting ways and produces a different hue depending on the light intensity and the angle. Eight hours are spent creating a single enamel dial and the color pattern is unique for every watch. I love how the design is meant to let the enamel speak for itself. The case has thin bezels, not to distract attention away from the main event. The hands are compass needle inspired and the bronze color allows for easy time telling but gets out of the way quickly. Unlike many watches that put their logo front and center, the anOrdain logo is integrated in the minute markers on the outside of the dial, above the twelve. Two words stating 'vitreous enamel' under the six are the only other written items outside of the numbering. Again, the font being supportive of the enamel. A case of the background being what deserves the focus.

The Model 1 comes in a beautiful leather case [Nikon Z6, Nikon F 28mm f1.4]

The watch is shipped in a non-marked grey box. No frills, just a solid cardboard box. In it, you'll find a booklet with a certificate, background on the watch and the company, and of course, the case with the watch in it. There is a second strap included as well.

Simple and sturdy [Ricoh GR III]
The Model 1 in the case [Leica SL, Leica 75mm f2]

There was also a handwritten letter that came with the box. It is one of the things you can appreciate when you buy such a special object from a small company. I like that I get a glimpse of the people that are behind the watch. The team has been great in reaching out and making sure I was informed of the progress of my order.

Personal note [Ricoh GR III]

Another way you can personalize your watch with AnOrdain is by engraving the back. You can choose words but you can also pick a small section of the world map. I chose to have the center of Amsterdam engraved on the back.

The center of Amsterdam captured [Nikon Z6, Nikon F 28mm f1.4]

I am very happy with the watch. The strap I chose is grey suede which I think works well with the red. You have different options to pick from. anOrdain also provided a second strap with the watch which is more brown-reddish. I look forward to wearing the watch and seeing different light circumstances play with the enamel. Today was quite a grey day here so I have not yet had the chance to see it in bright daylight.

The grey strap is very comfortable and works well with the red [Ricoh GR III]

I will leave you with a few more shots of the watch.


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